21. März 2023 Von admin Aus

DeFiLlama Apologizes for Conflict Over LLAMA Token Launch

• The DeFiLlama team confirmed that no LLAMA token is currently in the works.
• This drama centers around a planned native LLAMA token launch, and the rift between pseudonymous co-founders 0xllam4 and 0xngmi due to the project’s lack of revenue.
• The team apologized for the internal conflict, citing poor communication and misunderstanding, while assuring that necessary steps will be taken to operate in a more transparent manner.

DeFiLlama Apologizes for Internal Conflict

The DeFiLlama team has apologized for an internal conflict that brewed over the weekend. Poor communication and misunderstanding were cited as the main causes of this drama.

LLAMA Token Launch Plans Dropped

The controversy stemmed from plans to launch a native LLAMA token, which have since been dropped by the team. They have reassured their community that any future airdrop will be thoroughly discussed with them beforehand.

Rift Between Co-Founders

The rift between pseudonymous co-founders – 0xllam4 and 0xngmi – was due to disagreements over project revenue. One anonymous source claimed that 0xllam4 wanted to launch the token regardless of other team members‘ approval, although this was refuted by 0xllam4 themselves without further explanation.

Team Has Always Been Against Token Launch

Despite these claims, it is clear that DeFiLlama’s core team has always been against launching a token, feeling it would tarnish their reputation. Another concern was raised when it became apparent that 0xllam4 controls both DeFiLlamas Twitter account and domain name, raising fears he could announce or even hold them hostage if he wished too

Transparency Going Forward

In response to these events, DeFiLlama have promised to operate with increased transparency moving forward in order to ensure similar misunderstandings do not occur again in future.