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Ripple CEO: US Lags Behind in Crypto Adoption, Warns of Talent Exodus

• Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes that the US is lagging behind other countries in crypto adoption due to regulatory uncertainty.
• He compared the potential of cryptocurrency to the Internet and praised America for embracing it in the 1990s, although its merits were relatively unknown at the time.
• Garlinghouse advised the American government, specifically the SEC, to impose comprehensive rules on the cryptocurrency sector in order to encourage investors and entrepreneurs.

Ripple CEO Criticizes US Crypto Adoption

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has criticized America’s approach towards cryptocurrencies, claiming that it is falling behind other nations in crypto adoption because of regulatory uncertainty. He highlighted how countries like Australia, Japan, Singapore, UK and Switzerland have established clear crypto rules which have encouraged investors and entrepreneurs to operate on their soil.

Comparing Crypto Potential To The Internet

Garlinghouse compared cryptocurrency’s potential to that of the Internet, praising the United States‘ decision to embrace it in late 1990s despite its relative unknown merits at that time. He argued that if a proper regulation was set up then there could be huge benefits for America on a geopolitical basis as companies like Amazon and Google are based and headquartered there.

Advising The Government To Establish Rules

He advised the American government – specifically The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) – to create a clear set of rules so talent doesn’t continue leaving offshore. This would also provide an opportunity for individuals interested in investing or starting up businesses related with cryptocurrencies within America.

The Benefits Of Adopting Crypto

Adopting cryptocurrencies would bring numerous benefits such as increased investment opportunities both locally and internationally, new jobs created by startups related with this technology and improved access to financial services especially for those who never had them before (such as people living in developing countries).


Regulating cryptocurrencies properly will allow them to reach their full potential while providing many advantages such as enhanced financial inclusion or new job opportunities around this technology. For this reason it is important for governments around the world take into account what Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said about regulation so they can take advantage of this revolutionary technology without sacrificing security or integrity of their markets.