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Zero Age Ventures Launches Impactful Private Fund for Investors

• Zero Age Ventures, the new investment vehicle from the team behind Kosmos Ventures, focuses on blockchain technology.
• The fund looks to build on the successful legacy of the Kosmos Fund I by driving innovation and growth in the industry.
• Zero Age Ventures aims to open up early-stage investment opportunities in blockchain technology to a wider array of external LPs.

Zero Age Ventures Unveils Impactful Private Fund to Investors

The team behind Australian Kosmos Ventures is proud to announce their new venture – Zero Age Ventures, focusing on blockchain technology. Building on their predecessor’s success, this fund looks to drive innovation and growth in the industry while providing external investors with early-stage investment opportunities.

Legacy of Success

Kosmos was established in 2017 and has since made numerous seed investments in prominent protocols such as Solana, Algorand, Polkadot and Fantom. This successful investment legacy has earned them a remarkable 50x multiple on invested capital from 2017 to 2023.

Expanding Investment Strategies

Zero Age Ventures intends to expand their in-house engineering and research teams, produce research articles, and supply market analytics for its investment strategies. By increasing visibility and sharing insights, they strive to build a strong network within the industry that will benefit all stakeholders involved.

Continuing Support for Existing Portfolio Companies

While Kosmos Fund I will continue to provide support for existing portfolio companies, it will be gradually phased out with no new investments being made under its umbrella. All future investments will now be managed under Zero Age Ventures instead.


Ultimately, Zero Age Ventures plans use this fund as a platform for further development of the blockchain industry by investing both capital and knowledge into projects that show potential for making an impactful difference in our world today.